Jerry Mantellini

.... JERRY MANTELLINI (AKA) "The Music Man"
Jerry is a native Port Arthur boy! He's been playing for 50 years and loves the audience and stage life. Performing for clubs, parties and local charity events all over, especially the Texas and the Louisiana area has made his name "a Household Word" in the music industry.

Bandleader :  Jerry Mantellini  has a great deal of stage experience having played in a successful teen band that accomplished "living the dream" and sharing the stages with some of the huge international concert bands of the late 60's, 70's and early 80's, He took a long hiatus from the music scene to become a father and raise his family but the music always called him back and he never wandered far. Jerry re-started his career in music in earnest in 2000 and began performing as a duo in 2009 with his partner Felix Hayslip, who tragically had heart failure onstage and passed away doing what he loved. Instead of giving up Jerry continued to evolve and in 4 short years CrossTown Renegades was reborn from the ashes into a full blown Classic Rock Blues Band with a True Texas Style that has given them a sound that is unique and immediately recognizable.

Although the Founding members have changed from time to time Jerry Mantellini has kept his core focused on the best entertainers he could gather. All of the current members of the band came from touring bands at some point in their career and have always had that desire to return to the big stages and Jerry encourages them to contribute to the band's collective style. It was only a matter of time before they were booked to the bigger clubs around the Greater Houston Area. Soon they were they were headlining many of the Great State of Texas' Rallies, Festivals and Rodeos and opening for some of the Nation's top Touring Acts such as The Georgia Satellites, Missy Covill and the Iron Cowgirl Band (of Sturgis Rally fame) and at the Nation's largest four day rally- The Lone Star Rally



Diamond Lou

I can't tell my story without first telling the short story of my grandfather Louis S Drewett. He played four string tenor guitar in Chicago jazz clubs in the 20's&30's. Till he got into oil. But never gave up guitar. 

Now me... born in the late sixties at age three I grabbed his tenor one day and started playing along with the radio (you are the sunshine of my life). 

"Get that boy a guitar!!" And that was that I've never stopped. Jazz band all through Jr. High,High school. Sat in with U.C. Berkeley jazz band my last year in school. While honing my skill I worked as a professional touring live audio engineer,learning many skills and technique from the pro's. Retired in 2003 to pursue a full time music career. 

And here we are.... 

Diamond Lou in memory of Louis Drewett. 46 years of paying dues. Self taught, and specialize in playing from the heart and soul. With a style slightly modeled after Jimmy Page. 

Jazz,blues,classic rock,southern fried rock,outlaw country,acid rock,heavy metal are my influences.The rest is history in the making.

Frank Hinojosa

Frank Hinojosa: Drums / Vocals                                                                                     

 Intense, driven, Outgoing and unforgettable, Frank has been playing for 40 years and brings that energy to the stage like no other. His commitment to the band is unsurpassed with his love of the music. Frank has played in bands from his High School days to currently playing the Big Stages with CrossTown Renegades. Frank was born in a little town called Santa Monica, in deep South Texas and moved to Houston early in his life. Frank has worked as a Chef in several Houston area restaurants (This Guy Can Cook ~and we don’t mean just on Stage). If you like Beef Jerky, Frank now owns his own business and makes the best gourmet  jerky in town…..( That’s what we eat on the road…LOL ) It’s the Official Snack Food for CTR………….

Frank is the Time Keeper and Drive behind CTR with his unique and highly definable style……..Frank Just Wants to Rock!

Stan Dupp Bass ...

Stan "dupp" Allison jr. - on bass gtr is stan "dupp" allison jr. born in chicago, il and raised in and around kankakee il. stan has been in the pocket since 1970. before playing bass gtr, stan played an accordion from 1963-1968--70--73. the accordion gave stan a formal education in music. he started playing bass by ear and learning all he could from all that he watched and listened to learning note for note from recordings. stan has played in around chicago il, in, wi, and ia. stan relocated to houston tx in 1977 and hooked up with houstons own, "jerimiah" later called, "air force one", in 1978 - 1980. they took the stage with rock and roll greats like, john kay and steppenwolf, budgy, point blank trapeeze, the monkeys and the guess who.

Stans travels took him to aims ia in 1986 where he played bass for bumpy action.bumpy action was a classic rock, motown, funk band that opened new doors in stan's bass career.

1990 took stan back to il where he played with various cover bands like bootleg and his own blues band, "cornerstone".

1998 took stan to new orleans to work on tour with the knockers featuring joe santana and john eldon jones.

1997 took stan to austin tx where he futhered his blues experience playing with the jimi berg band, apogee, the henry crafts band, and the lee pearsons band.

1999 stan went to work for carnival cruise lines aboard the m/s holiday.

2000 took stan to des moines ia to go to work for the j.c. anderson band then.

2001 stan went back to austin tx just two days before 9/11 and worked for the catherine denise band and ted hall and the pleasure cats.

2002 stan went to work for blues greak studebaker john from chicago il.

2005 brought stan to dallas tx to go to work with various band like, andrea dawson, jackie don loe, gravity, gerry moss and the mossmen and finally bringing a fat bass groove in the pocket for sabrina and gypsy bleu that completes a solid rhythm with greg on drums.